Request a Test Drive


1. Can I choose a car and all of its options on the Internet, and then order it through you?
Yes, view new cars though the Model Range section. Once you find a car that interests you, contact us by phone, email or visit us in person.

2. I couldn't find the Mercedes-Benz I'm looking for. Where else can I look?
If you can't find the vehicle you are looking for, why not give one of our Sales team a call with your requirements and let us do the searching for you.

3. Will you deliver my new car to me?
Yes we can deliver your vehicle to your home, or if you prefer to your place of work.

4. How long will I have to wait for delivery of my new car?
For a vehicle in stock with ourselves we can usually arrange collection within five working days.
Should the vehicle not be in stock this time is subject to change.

5. Can I trade in my old car when I buy my Mercedes-Benz from you?
Yes, we will take any make or model in part exchange.

6. How do I book a test drive?
Call us to arrange a test drive in any of our new or used cars or call in and ask for a member of the sales team.

7. What should I consider when I buy a used car?
1. What will be the main use for the vehicle?
2. Do I need a vehicle that is going to allow me to commute to and from work?
3. Do I need a vehicle to accommodate a large family?
4. Is my garage or parking area large or small?
5. Are there any other factors specific to my lifestyle, such as hobbies, that I need to consider?
6. What is the vehicle history?
7. What deals are available?

8. How can finance help me?
Dependent on your particular Mercedes requirements, budget and circumstances - for example, whether you are a business user, require personal finance, want low monthly payments as a priority or perhaps the option to change cars frequently - there's a Mercedes-Benz finance product to suit you.

9. Who can I contact about finance?
Talk to our finance specialists to find the most suitable route to financing your next Mercedes.

10. Can you arrange finance for my new Mercedes-Benz?
The wide range of Mercedes-Benz finance options provide a flexible route to acquiring both new and used Mercedes.